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Letters of Thanksgiving – a new kind of thankful challenge.

My friend fromCrossroads Horse Ministryasked if I would join them in a challenge of writing letters of Thanksgiving.I said"sure!".I appreciate their love for the Lord and their heart for sharing God's Word.They have a neat ministry;Bible studies in their home,teaching young men to grow in their faith,along with ranch work,and horse/dog clinics where they share the Gospel.

Letters of Thanksgiving - a new kind of Thankful challenge!!

November 3,2018

Here's how it works: Commit to writing 4 letters — handwritten,mind you!The old-fashioned way!Whether it be to a boss,family member,business associate,teacher,Dr,friend… anyone who has been a blessing to you.

I have teamed up with Crossroads Horse Ministry and several other neat folks on Instagram to share snippets each day from our Letters of Thanksgiving.You can find us and follow along using the hashtag: #lettersofthanks.Feel free to join in at any time and use the hashtag and/or tag us so we can be blessed!!

I think this is such a great idea.I mean,we often do the '30 Days of Thanks' during November,but how often do we take time to personally thank those who have been influential in our lives?It's so much easier to tap out a snippet online than to pick up the phone or sit down with a pen and paper.

Letters of Thanksgiving

And this Letters of Thanksgiving challenge is not just for gals!Guys can write great letters,and should!It's ok if youneverwrite letters – think how much more special they will be to the recipient.How about your mother,a clinician,a gear-maker,一位朋友从做一些愚蠢的让你,a teacher or an uncle??

So grab a sheet of paper and a pen,and spend a few minutes today,thanking someone for the impact they made in your life.You won't regret it and it will be a blessing to them.

Letters of Thanksgiving