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15 xf兴发官网Christmas Gifts For Horse-Crazy Girls!!

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15 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for your horse-crazy girl!!

I'm not sure why,但是很多小女孩都很疯狂!这不是一件坏事——我更希望我的女儿比马疯,then over fashion and shopping.At least horses get them outside and staying active!!

不管怎样,I thought maybe you needed some ideas for xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for that horse-crazy girl in your life.Maybe it's a daughter,姐姐,niece,or granddaughter.I have some ideas for those girls who have horses,and some ideas for those who just long for a horse.

Gifts Ideas for Horse-crazy girls without horses:

1。Horse Bracelet.我的女孩喜欢以马为主题的珠宝。这是他们每天都可以穿的东西,可以展示他们对马的爱。你可以在亚马逊上找到这件可爱的作品。

2.Horse Tee-Shirt.我的一个女儿几乎每天都穿马蹄铁!不管是在家,town,朋友家——她爱他们!!Here's a pretty one on Amazon,,and they have tons of different styles you can choose from!!

三。布雷尔的马去画画。My girls would LOVE this!Their grandma gave them a paintable horse once,and it was a favorite gift.Also,Breyer is the big name in toy horses,and every girl adores their realistic models.Check it out on Amazon!!

4.马图册.I'm having so much fun researching these gifts.Now I want to buy all of them for my horse-crazy girls!Haha!But I won't.我们尽量把礼物放在这附近的最低限度。This book would be awesome for a girl who loves art and sketching.你可以在这里买。

5.Horse Socks!!How cute are these socks?!他们在雪地里玩耍时,脚要保持暖和。Every horse-crazy girl will love to pull these on in the morning.Click here to check them out!!

6。马刊How about those girlish secrets and dreams our girls have?给他们一个写下来的地方。This journal is super cute and will become a treasure for them to write and read.You can find it on Amazon.


7。Rope halter and lead.去年圣诞节我为我的女儿买了一条吊带和铅绳。xf兴发官网It's just fun to have your own things,when you are tacking up.🙂Check it out here.

8。Mohair Cinch.My friend over at Wild Rose 兴发网页下载版Cowboy Supply makes these beautiful and high-quality mohair cinchas.她的工作无可挑剔,and I know your cowgirl will appreciate this lovely gift!!Click here to check it out!!



9.Curry Comb.Ok,this is very practical,但我相信你的女儿会在圣诞节早上在长袜里找到一个!xf兴发官网!在这里找到它。

10.头发护理。这是给你女儿做头发的!I know when I was a kid,I thought this was the coolest shampoo and conditioner.🙂Click here to get a pack.

11。Saddle Blanket.Another great gift for practical,everyday use.You can find one in the color your girl loves.从著名的织布皮革。Click here.

12。Leather Headstall.How about a new headstall?This one is from Weaver Leather,with Jeremiah Watt hardware.(Jeremiah Watt stuff is so pretty!) Made with Hermann oak harness leather,this should last awhile!!Buy it here.

13.Riding Boots.You can never have too many boots!No list of gifts for horse-crazy girls would be complete without a handsome pair of riding boots.匹配她的马鞍毯,或者选择她最喜欢的颜色。Check it out here.

14.Horse-opoly.Spend the long winter evenings around a fun game of horse-opoly!Pop some corn and break out the apple cider – screens can't compare with cozy family fun.在亚马逊上找到它。

15。Horse hoodie.Cozy up this winter in a warm hoodie… this one lets the world know how much your girl loves horses!!这是我的亚马逊链接,你可以在那里买到它。

I hope this has helped to give you some ideas for gifts for horse-crazy girls.xf兴发官网圣诞节即将来临——但亚马逊一直在这里!去吧-现在就买你的礼物,这样它们就可以在圣诞前夜准备好了。xf兴发官网No need to take time to go to town,只需点击,你就完成了!🙂 I love Amazon for my xf兴发官网Christmas gift shopping.