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你有没有想过为什么有些人总是快乐快乐的,and others aren't?为什么你似乎陷入了试验的泥潭,sadness and sickness — and yet your friend over there is happy as a lark?是啊,I used to be there,too.I used to feel sad,沮丧的,或者几乎每天都泄气。

But I learned some things that changed me,我想和你分享这些教训。I want to show you how I became a happy Christian.Truly happy – not just fakin' it.Now,some folks just have more naturally cheerful personalities.But that's not me.如果让我处于自然状态,我会倾向于闷闷不乐的态度和抑郁。

How to become a happy Christian

1。I learned to hate sin.

真的。你现在想知道罪与快乐有什么关系?我是说,你的罪可以原谅,you're on your way to Heaven,所以,是的,让你快乐,but….??

Here's the thing.If you hate sin passionately,如果你开始领会耶稣在十字架上为你所做的奇妙的工作,你也将开始明白你是多么的幸运和特权!When I start meditating on the work of Calvary – the great price Jesus paid for my sin – then I am humbled.我感动得流下眼泪。I am broken yet joyful.The price for my sin has been paid in full!MY SIN.

然后我开始思考它是mysin that nailed Him there,and quickly I began to厌恶罪恶。Sin is no longer a ‘forbidden fruit',but rather a sneaky poison.嫉妒,心怀怨恨,unforgiveness… all these hidden,‘acceptable' sins that Christians allow in their lives – all became awful and unacceptable to me.

Now,我不是说我是完美的。I do still sin,悲哀地。但我认真对待所有的罪恶。我忏悔并放弃。我不认为我会很快变得完美,but I will not stop growing and changing until I am!这就是我的目标——用基督的力量战胜我生命中的罪恶。

因此,上帝,你的上帝,有 涂抹你
With the oil of gladness above Your companions.""Hebrews 1:9

How to become a happy Christian


看到这个来了,didn't you?I mean if this was how Jesus was anointed with gladness,那对我来说也一样。


Jesus is our perfect example,and we know that the way He lived – that's how we,同样,can live!I can't enjoy things that are smeared with sin.I love righteous,holy living.当我看到一个人对金钱忠诚时,或者拒绝八卦,或是对控告他们的人和蔼可亲——我感到敬畏。It truly makes me so happy to see someone living righteously.And I too,想这样生活!!

我的生活就像一本开放的书。没有秘密,我衣橱里没有骷髅。I walk before the face of God each day – keeping my conscience clear.At first,it was more sinning and failure than I care to admit.但一点一点,as I continued reading the Word and praying and fellowshipping with other believers — well,God began to work His righteousness into my life.


It wasn't until the last 10 years that I began to understand how deeply God loves me.Would you believe me if I told you that God loves you — YOU!— as much as He loves Jesus?我知道!疯子,正确的?But that's what Jesus said,right there in John:

"我在他们身上,你在我身上,使他们在统一中得以完善,让全世界都知道你派我来,爱他们,即使你爱我。""John 17:23

理解上帝的无穷尽的,deeper-than-the-ocean love for me has been huge!When I start comparing myself to others or just wondering if anyone actually likes me,(也许他们只是对我好而已?!!) I have trained myself to go back to God's love for me.

默想他一再爱的话语。If you are struggling,在“爱”上搜索圣经单词。它会让你的心好起来,to know God loves you.

I like to watch daddies with their small children.The tenderness and love!They are so gentle and caring,它温暖了我的心。My husband is just such a loving father to our children – when I watch him,I can't help but feel amazed and awed by my Heavenly Father's love for me.

It will change your view of the world!It will satisfy the craving in your heart,it will diminish every hurt that comes from others,它会安顿下来,安慰你,并以各种方式强化你。

我的盼望在基督里。not in this world,这就是所有的区别。点击鸣叫

4.Accepting that I am not a naturally outgoing person.

这是怎么改变我的?通过学习接受上帝如何创造我,别灰心把自己比作我的爱好,bubbly friends.I came to understand that while these fun people make life interesting and exciting,(我爱他们!!因为某种原因,上帝使我的性格更加轻松。

人们不想在聚会时来找我。他们只是没有!我不是那种人。我不知道怎么办激动人心的聚会。When I invite friends to my house,I set out big platters of simple food,帮自己收拾一堆纸盘,and lots of cookies.Then I curl up on the couch and talk my heart out with them.这是我娱乐的想法。🙂

但你知道,sometimes people want to just talk,too.有时候我们只需要倾心于彼此,and it doesn't matter if the ceiling fan has dust or the paper plates are plain white.所以,accepting my personality has really gone far with helping me be a happy person.

How to become a happy Christian


我的盼望在基督里。not in this world,这就是所有的区别。

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