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10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Somehow,buying gifts for my husband on xf兴发官网Christmas is the hardest thing!I mean,girls are so easy… we always like a bag of chocolate or a new candle.But guys?!I struggle every year.So,I thought I'd share this list of 10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.Maybe it will give you an idea or two.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Work wear is always a good choice

Boots.A lot on my list is practical items.Most 兴发网页下载版cowboys I know are low on cash but at the same time,they prioritize quality.xf兴发官网Christmas is a good excuse to buy some good gear,right?!My 兴发网页下载版cowboy wears and recommends Twisted X boots.They stand up to the rigors of ranch work,and look good too!I found apair on Amazon,,that online place we all love!😀

Wild rag.Pure silk,that's all we wear.Silk breathes,is lightweight,yet warms very well.It doesn't chafe – it's very smooth.It lasts a long time,too!You can go over toWyoming Wild Ragsand choose a beautiful wild rag,and while you're there – check out her how-to videos.10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

A good brew is appreciated

Coffee.How about a gift that makes your man think of you every single morning?Get him a handsome mug fromFrontier Coffee Company,and he will think of you every day as he drinks his coffee!😀

Over the past year,I discovered a coffee company that I like,for several reasons.First of all the taste is great!I enjoy the Gold Rush brew,but they are all good.Then too,I like supporting family-owned businesses,and former military makes it even better.Any way you pour it,this is a company I support.Buy a few bags of coffee,and throw in a beautiful mug for a gift that he won't forget.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Western art.I think we can all appreciate a great artist,and western art will forever be special to me.I am fairly pragmatic about art – I can glance right over many paintings and sketches – but now and again I am struck by thatsomethingin a piece of art.Mr.Lohmeier's work does just that.Makes me go back for a second and third look.I am privileged to own several of his pieces,and I value them highly.Go check out his work onwww.jasonlohmeier.com

I love this piece so much.It's a woman going to church.I need to find a nice frame,I just put in this one to protect it.

Spurs.Jeremiah Watt makes some pretty neat things.His spurs are beautiful works of art!Your 兴发网页下载版cowboy will appreciate this gift – though he may wish to pick out his own style.😉 Check it out over atRanch2Arena.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Insulated leather gloves.We live in Wyoming,in an area known for bitter winters.Maybe if you 兴发网页下载版cowboy in Texas,this isn't such a big deal.😉 But in these parts,you need good,insulated leather gloves.HydraHide are a good choice.You can find them here onamazon.

Support small business

New Rope.Our friends over atHatch Tacksell nice ropes.My husband likes the ropes,and reccomends them to friends.Another family-owned small business that is worth supporting!!

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Mohair Cinch.My friend Kricket ties these beautiful cinchas.100% mohair,hand-tied,quality all over.Her online store:Wild Rose 兴发网页下载版Cowboy Supplyhas other quality items too.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Cinch from Wild Rose 兴发网页下载版Cowboy Supply

Gun Holster.I have to put in a plug for my husband's business!😉 He makes really nice holsters,and every 兴发网页下载版cowboy I know needs one under the tree.😀 However,I will say that he is limited on time before this xf兴发官网Christmas.I won't guarantee that he can get an order made in time.But I had to give him a shoutout.Find his stuff on Facebook:CK Custom Leather.

10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys.

Benchmade knife.These are good knives,and I bet your man will like one!Guys like their knives… never too many!!Find it on Amazon.

We usually have a quiet xf兴发官网Christmas at home,fire blazing,table loaded with good things to eat,and lots of music and laughter!The past several xf兴发官网Christmases it has snowed to beat the band,and that just made the day even cozier.

What about you?Do you travel over the holidays?Gather with the family?Whatever you do,I hope it is a blessed time of renewal and rest.

I hope your holiday season is warm and cozy and full of love.If this list of 10 xf兴发官网Christmas gifts for 兴发网页下载版cowboys has helped you,you can save it on Pinterest for later.Or share on Facebook to help out your friends!🙂

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