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Fall in Wyoming

Fall in Wyoming is beautiful.我觉得我没有看到颜色更鲜艳,or the skies brighter blue.I haven't been able to pursue my photography as much as I'd like,过去的几个月里,but I did manage to take my camera out last week and capture some of the fall colors.




We live along the Medicine Bow River,and the river bottoms are full of cottonwood trees,aspen groves,and willow bushes.They all turn golden yellow in fall,and this year was outstanding!它看起来像一条金河,蜿蜒穿过高高的草原。

有一天,it was raining and snowing by turn,云雾和各种各样的细雨。I was driving the 5 miles to our Post Office when I spied this gorgeous rainbow over by the mountain.Thankfully,I had my camera,so I pulled over and snapped a few photos.It was so beautiful!Just a sliver of rainbow dropping out of the low-rolling clouds,colors as bright as could be.

Rain is welcome

After several months of dusty,干燥的天气,整天下雨是一种令人愉快的解脱。我为那些整天在潮湿的风中整理牛群和工作的牛兴发网页下载版仔感到难过,不过。These are the times I am especially thankful to be a housewife.😉

I've been dealing with water issues in this house ever since we moved here.过去的夏天是最糟糕的,不过。Sometimes I get frustrated with it,and tired of running a trapline for the mice thatwillfind a way in,尽管我尽了最大努力,and the bitter winters in this high country.

But then,我凝视着这广袤的美丽,只发出一声满足的叹息。I truly enjoy living here,winter and all,and I am thankful to God for bringing us here – for however long it may last.

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Don't help with fall processing if you are pregnant.

A Ranch Mom: Processing yearling calvesThe sun shone weakly through the clouds,但在我站的地方,刺骨的西风把所有的温暖都吹走了。我戴上手套,and then turned to the car where my kids were waiting.

“OK,孩子们,“I said,“在车里玩,or,if you need something,我会在谷仓那边,OK?当你穿过畜栏时,要小心小牛,如果你靠近它们的腿,它们可能会踢。“
“OK,妈妈,“Jenni同意了,picking up the crayons she had brought along.
我打开窗户,and then put the keys in my pocket.I wasn't about to have them start the car,或者其他疯狂的事情!I checked everything again – they had water,snacks,toys,blankets…they will be ok,I told myself,,I can watch them easily.

But it was still hard.Hard to walk across the yard,and leave them there in the car.I was still paranoid from our最近的损失。There is no water in the canal,,I thought,there is no way for them to hurt themselves.Relax,Kay!Loosen up!!

I flipped the latch up on the gate,把吧台向后推。The gate squealed as I pushed it open.I shut it and walked gingerly around blobs of cow manure.The wind blew cold on my neck,so I wrapped my wild rag tighter,and zipped up my coat as far as possible.I instinctively put my hand on my pregnant belly,as I looked over to the other side of the pen,where Cliff and Bill were working on the first batch of calves.I was a little late.哦,好吧。这不会花太长时间,,我想。我来这里是为了帮助克里夫处理年幼的秋天。

A Ranch Mom: Processing yearling calves

我走到谷仓的一部分,看着克里夫很快地用一根装满药的针给这只嚎叫的小牛注射。There was a slight sizzle as Bill pressed the red-hot branding iron against the side of the struggling animal.Smoke curled up,and when Bill removed the iron,皮上有一个完美的牌子。Cliff pulled some handles,and the chute clanked open.I moved aside as the calf bolted from the chute – bawling his frustration.

“What should I do?“I asked Cliff.
“You can keep the chute full.Come,我给你看。”“
He led the way back to the holding pen,教我如何把6-8头小牛放进圆珠笔里。The small round pen had a gate that could swing completely in,forcing the calves into the chute.Cliff handed me a paddle,and went back to front of the chute to work on the next one.

I waited while the guys worked on two more calves,then I prodded the rest of the calves in the chute up towards the front.There were several swinging doors in the chute,that only opened one way,so when the little animals were through,他们不能后退,they could only go forwards.They heard their buddies bawling,so they dug in their heels,and bacedk up.But the swinging doors kept them from backing through,比尔的电棒偶尔会发出一声电击,把他们送进斜槽的前面。

I walked back to the rest of the calves,all bunched in the corner of the alley.They just bunched together more,直到他们几乎攀上了对方的顶峰。我小心翼翼地戳了一头小牛,and sure enough,他踢了一脚。又快又快。I yelled in alarm,and then shook my paddle at them.桨上的小珠子做成了球拍——用来吓唬牛,所以牛仔们就不兴发网页下载版用那么大声说话了。It's known as a rattle-paddle.The calves ignored the paddle,所以我不得不用手指戳他们,并对他们大喊大叫。

A Ranch Mom: Processing yearling calves

I finally got one to run away from the huddle,then they all tried to follow him.我跑向大门,当我试图把它关在一头高速旋转的小牛面前时,差点被撞倒。I shook my rattle-paddle at it,and it galloped off,back to the corner.我穿过大门,then latched it.

Then I opened the gate to the little round pen,and tried to get them to run in there.Yeah.Right.They weren't going anywhere near That Place.I ran around after them,摇着我的拨浪鼓,and yelling.Poking them when I thought I could do it without getting kicked.Finally,three calves ran into the pen,我很快就把他们身后的门关上了。I looked at the chute,and they were working on the last calf.Six calves while I rounded up three??这个不好.如果我想跟上他们,我就得比这更快。
A Ranch Mom: Processing yearling calves
I jammed them as far forward in the chute as possible,然后跑回小巷。I gritted my teeth,and took a deep breath.I shouted at the calves,摇着我的拨浪鼓,and whacked them as hard as I could.他们挤得更近了。I managed to get a small bunch to break away from the rest,在小笔下,但尽管我尽了最大努力,Cliff had to come back and help me run them into the chute.

I was starting to pant,我的胃因为头发烧焦的气味而翻腾。The wind was blowing the smoke and stench from the branding right through the lean-to and back to where I was working.It was a bad smell anytime,但我敏感的怀孕鼻子几乎被克服了。I felt like throwing up.I swallowed a few times,and willed my stomach to settle.I walked back to the end of the alley,trying to get as far away from the smell as I could.The smell was not so strong back there.Or maybe it was just overpowered by the rank odor of fresh cow poop.At least its a better smell,I thought.

“妈妈?“弗兰克爬上栅栏,straddling it he said;“我要去洗手间。”“
“兽医室有浴室。Go to Daddy,他会告诉你它在哪里,OK?“I looked over to the car.Jenni's head was visible in the car,but what caught my attention was the car itself.The wipers were flopping,the right turn signal was blinking,and the door was hanging open.Help us all,,I thought.We are gonna have a dead battery soon.我翻过栅栏,and went to shut off the lights.我告诉詹妮她和富兰克林是什么样的人,不允许在车里玩。

Back to the alley.Running.Shouting.Prodding.Waving my arms.Slamming the gate.Pushing the gate in the round pen as hard as possible,and then realizing that the calves were a lot stronger than I was,even if they were only a few months old.I got splattered with cow poop when one went right in front of me.I poked one,and the calf kicked so fast and close that I felt the air from its dirty hoof,as it came within millimeters of my hand.All the while,燃烧着的头发的臭味飘在我身上。风不再觉得冷了。I was sweating.My stomach was churning.I was getting madder and madder at the calves.I would've kicked them if I hadn't been so afraid of being kicked a lot harder in return.(kicking is not recommended – it was my first experience working calves,我不知道他们有多沮丧!!)

Finally,我设法把降落伞和围栏都装满了。So I went up and watched Cliff and Bill.They branded,耳朵标记的,and gave shots in a smooth rhythm.Never making one extra move,just doing everything in a efficient,calm way.
A Ranch Mom: Processing yearlings story.#fallworks
The afternoon had slipped away into evening before we finished.I was bone-weary,my feet almost had blisters on them.The sun was sinking,and the wind was getting colder,as I walked slowly back to the car.所有我能想到的是一个热水澡。

And bed.


Written in 2010.

Shipping Calves again.

red cow

We have been blessed with great weather for shipping and pregging.This morning I told myself to get with it and get outside,for once!很容易说:“哦,maybe next time",但今天我穿上我的大女孩靴子,匆匆忙忙地拍了几张照片!🙂
It wasn't even that cold.

They 兴发网页下载版cowboys met in our yard,(停车场是商店和谷仓内和周围停车场的一般术语)一旦它们都在那里,they gathered around the cowboss to get instructions for the morning.Then they headed out by twos and threes,for various corners of the pasture.他们到了芬塞林,then turned around and started pushing (moving) cows and calves together and towards the corrals.Some places call it a 'roundup',I guess,in this area we call it a ‘gather'.我们收集牛,把它们“推”到畜栏里。Obviously,we do not physically push them – it's a term for herding.海运2016海运2016 牧场213号 牧场223号

I took the silhouette photo from my front porch,no joke.

兴发网页下载版cowboy sillouette


Here they come – down the hill!!海运2016

一旦他们进入畜栏,这是分类和称重。Then loading them onto waiting semi-trucks.Sorting and moving calves down an alley is a great place to get photos – but I'm always afraid I'll b in the way!🙂 So I try to stay pretty low profile.I get really nervous if I feel I am going to be a nuisance.


There's my man!!🙂 He's my favorite.He is currenty soaking his foot in Epsom salts,because he got stepped on so hard today,that he is limping.🙁 I wonder if that is what people think of,when they get starry-eyed about ranching?🙂 I doubt it.But still,兴发网页下载版cowboyin' is a great life,如果你够坚强的话!兴发网页下载版😀

Ride The Brand,我的朋友们。


One fine,windy day in October,my husband needed to doctor a couple heifers.离房子很近,and my mother-in-law was visiting,so I drove her out to watch her son rope stuff.🙂 I parked in the pasture and snapped the shutter as my husband was chasin' cows.


Gettin' his eye on the sick one.

This heifer had foot-rot,(if I remember correctly) and in typical cow-fashion,the minute you start swingin' that rope,the ‘sick' bovine decides it is quite healthy after all!她走了,她的腿会带着她跑得很快…这不是很快,如果你对奶牛有什么了解的话。(小牛,on the other hand – those babies can make time!!)查辛牛。查辛牛。


Heel trap.

Not every catch is picture-perfect.有时候他只有一只脚,other times he misses altogether.But that's real life with pasture-doctoring.We don't go to many rodeos,but when we do,we often remark:"隐马尔可夫模型,would like to see him do a little pasture-doctoring on a windy day!“😉 You keep practicing and improving,but you have to get the job done,whether it's a windy day,your horse is feeling cranky,or the snow is blowing.Cattle health waits for no man.(还是女人!!)查辛牛。

Meanwhile,the rest of the cattle were just taking it easy… munch a little here,taste a mouthful there…查辛牛。

And just plain relaxin'!🙂查辛牛。Once the cow is down,my Man gave her a shot and a couple pills.巨大药丸,by the way,称为丸。讨厌。查辛牛。查辛牛。

Then he let her get up,and off he went to catch the next sick cow.查辛牛。Chasin' Cows希望你今天过得愉快,温暖的,and not windy — especially if you're chasin' cows!!

Make your home smell amazing!!


I have a simple way to make your home smell amazing!My husband read a Facebook post to me recently… something about orange peels and spices.I didn't have time right then to try it,but a few weeks later I thought of it,想看看是否有效。直到那时,我才忘记了食谱!所以我不得不想出自己的办法。

It is super easy if you do any Indian cooking – you will probably already have the spices.If you don't have the whole spices,只需使用地面版本,I'm sure it will work just as well.🙂 I just place all the spices and orange peel in a small kettle,and fill with water,and simmer on the stove-top.You want to keep an eye on it,though,as the water will all evaporate after several hours.


Peel of an orange
1 cinnamon stick
3 cups of water
Place in a small kettle,充满水,and simmer.